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A Tiny Hummingbird Is Adored By The Dog Who Saved Her

Rex used to be a homeless stray on the streets, but that all changed last year when he was rescued and adopted into a loving family.

Rex is now repaying the compassion he received, and there’s one small bird who adores him for it.

Rex noticed a hummingbird on the ground, coated in ants, while out on a stroll with his new owner Ed Gernon in California last year. Gernon said he initially assumed the bird wasn’t alive, but the dog refused to go.

That’s when they came across Hummer, who was in bad health but still fighting for his life. Gernon was persuaded to help the bird by Rex’s compassion.

He told CBS Los Angeles, “It was this small thing.” “This delicate thing that the entire world was trying to destroy, and he was attempting to defend her, so I figured I’d go the extra mile.”

Little Hummer regained her strength over the next several weeks with Gernon’s continuous care and was soon flying – yet her extraordinary faith in Rex implies she recalls the part he played in her rescue.

A video of the two of them conversing may be seen here.

In fact, according to Gernon, Hummer “developed a complete infatuation on Rex” and would never leave his side.

“She wanted to be near by wherever he was,” he wrote on YouTube. “She even began bathing in his water bowl to pass the time until she could resume playing with him. So weird, yet incredible.”

While the hummingbird’s affection for her canine hero is admirable, Gernon believes that when Hummer grows older, she will seek out a more suitable partner. But, until she decides to fly away, they’ll continue to rejoice in the fact that their acts of kindness have gone full circle.

“This puppy was rescued by me. He is the one who saves the bird “ According to Gernon, he spoke to the news channel. “In a strange way, the bird saves us all, and it’s a miracle.”

In this CBS Los Angeles video, you can see Hummer and Rex in action.