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The Mischievous Cat Gets Trapped Between A Screen And The Window

Cats have a tendency of getting themselves into trouble and then denying it. Did you know that after they’ve done something humiliating, they lick themselves randomly to distract themselves?

Cat owners are well aware that cats have an amazing capacity to get themselves into strange and uncomfortable circumstances, and that they occasionally become stuck. Unfortunately, they tend to attack when you assist them!

Wednesday’s mom, Jessi Koki said:

“I’d never seen her do anything like it before. I thought I couldn’t adore her anymore, but that was it. What a brazen little knucklehead.”

“I know it appears like she was trapped, but as I turned off the camera, she immediately got out and tried to go deeper. So I reached in and yanked her free before she became trapped for real.”

Wednesday’s new favorite hangout spot is squished in the window!

Time for a question: where has your cat gotten trapped in the most interesting or funniest place?