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After A Century, The Fernandina Giant Tortoise Reappears

Fernandina Giant Tortoise was to be extinct until a recent discovery. The species was located as a result of an expedition taking place in 2019.

This tortoise was first discovered on Fernandina Island. Volcanic explosions on the island, on the other hand, led to the notion that they were extinct.

Nonetheless, a group of four Galápagos National Park officers discovered this incredible find. On Fernandina Island, they discovered a single female Giant tortoise.

Forrest Galante was the one who discovered this discovery.

Fernanda is the new name for the female tortoise. The researchers brought her to Galapagos National Park on the Galapagos Islands. As a result, they’d be able to keep an eye on her and feed her.

Fernanda is said to be approximately 100 years old. The species has a lifespan of up to 200 years. As a result, there isn’t much anxiety about her.

According to National Geographic, if the researchers had left her in her original area, it would have been a difficult effort to find her again.

To identify the species, blood samples were taken. Official testing were held in May 2021. The turtle has been identified as the same as the one from 1906.

The Vice President of Science and Conservation for Galápagos Conservancy states, “One of the greatest mysteries in Galapagos has been the Fernandina Island Giant Tortoise. Rediscovering this lost species may have occurred just in the nick of time to save it. We now urgently need to complete the search of the island to find other tortoises.”

Moving forward, the plan is to find Fernanda a male mate to save her species.