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Fisherman Is Showing Off The Huge Carp He Caught, But The Fish Has Other Ideas

A fisherman showing off a massive carp had a short-lived moment of pride after the fish slipped from his grasp and escaped back into the water.

The Czech man is showing off the huge fish he caught in the Brno Reservoir near Brno, Czech Republic.

He attempts to place the fish down on the ground – perhaps to get a better picture and take a measurement – but the carp has other ideas.

The moment he puts it down the carp springs to life and the fisherman and his friend struggle to catch it, but the fish is too slippery and strong and heads right back into the water. Oops!

One could say the fish is a shining example of Carpe Diem – “Seize the day” – as the fish definitely took his opportunity to escape and live another day!